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SoulxMaka-Wounds-Chapter 6
I pushed my head forward going to Maka's direction. She closed her eyes and I closed mine too. This is it. I was waiting for her lips to touch mine. I felt ecstasy.
"Hey Maka we brought food!!! Huh???" Star came barging inside the room and changed his reaction after seeing that Maka's face was very close to mine. Maka  and I immediately gazed away from each other while blushing madly. Damn you Black Star, I didn't get my kiss. Right after Black Star entered the room Tsubaki, Kid, Liz and Patty entered the room, seeing me and Maka shocked and blushing madly.
"What's going on guys?" Tsubaki, Kid, Liz and Patty said in chorus. I tried to shake of the blushing on my face.
"Oh, nothing." Black Star said. Did Black Star not get what he just saw? Well better if he didn't know, were not ready to tell anyone yet and Maka hasn't recovered her wounds and her memory.
We were now eating the food that they brought, like before there was laughing and smiling but this time I was laughin
:iconwhiteice564:whiteice564 11 3
SoulxMaka-Wounds-Chapter 5
Maka has amnesia and lost her memory. Me and the others are at Maka's recovery room, helping her recover her memory, well, just them anyway, I didn't say a word. They talked about each other and just being natural, just the same feel of this group. They talked about a lot of things, mostly nonsense, I didn't pay much attention, I was occupied with my own thoughts. But I glanced at Maka when she replied to the others, I can see her smiling, it makes my heart also smile.
It was now noon and we planned on eating lunch with Maka here in her room. Then there was a knock on the door, Tsubaki opened it, it was Sid Sensei.
"Excuse me but Kid, Liz, Patty, Black Star and Tsubaki, Lord Death sent me here to remind you about your mission and requests for your  deployment right away." Sid Sensei swiftly said.
"Please go immediately now. I have to go now I too have an important mission." He continued and walked out of the room.
"Um. Maka we have to go. Something came up." Tsubaki said.
"It's ok
:iconwhiteice564:whiteice564 13 5
SoulxMaka-Wounds-Chapter 3
Maka was now no more from this world, out of my grasp. I could not hear her breathing. The only noise I heard was the echoing flat line and the sound of a boy crying for the girl he loved.  I thought to myself that it's time to let go, time to let her rest and be free. I slowly removed my embrace from her while crying my heart out.
"Maka. I'll go for now. I'm gonna tell the others about your condition." I said, talking like she was still there.
I slowly walked from her bed towards the door, still having lots of thoughts inside my mind. I was now facing the closed door, I slowly opened it, stepped outside and slowly closing the door while muttering 'I love you.' 
My head was down, I couldn't let go and close the door. But I have too. I slowly and gently closed the door. 
"Aaaahhhhhh" I heard a scream. Was it from my mind? Am I imagining things? Was it from outside? No. It came from inside the room. It was Maka's voice. 
"Maka!" I shouted and I slammed the door open.
:iconwhiteice564:whiteice564 11 7
SoulxMaka-Wounds-Chapter 2
It had already been a week but Maka hasn't woken up yet. And over that week she has been revived twelve times. I'm sitting here beside her bed crying every second hoping she will wake up. I care for her cause she's my meister, my friend, and my l...The beeping of the machine connected to her heart kept beeping and beeping and turned flat. My heart stopped as I shouted for someone to revive her. I kept shouting and shouting but no one was around. A tear fell from my eye.
"Is this it Maka? Are you going to leave me?", I sadly whispered.
"But before you go I'd like to tell you something. Something so important, something I would have told you way before all of this", I countinued saying with a gentle voice.
"I love you Maka", I smiled and a tear jerked from my eye. I leaned to her side kissing her forehead and hugging her. Thoughts rushed to my head. Questions bothered me. Like what now? My meister just  died and there would be no replacement for her. No replacement as my meister and
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Just Hug Me
No words are needed,
The silence speaks for itself,
There is no need to form those words,
That you feel the need to say.
I can tell from you actions,
The small smile on your lips,
The twinkle in your eyes,
The skip in your step.
I can tell from the tears,
The broken heart,
The way you grip my hand tight,
The darkness in your soul.
I can tell from the knitted eyebrows,
You head cocked to the side,
Your mouth forming the question why,
The way your brain is working overtime.
I can tell by the shuffling in your step,
The clicking of your fingers,
The biting of your lip,
The feet that point inwards.
I can tell from your wide eyes,
Your limp form,
Your open mouth,
Your frozen eyes.
I can tell from the clenched fists,
The sharp movements,
The vibrating of your body,
The glare from your soul.
I can tell your mood,
From the way you move,
There is no need to speak,
I know exactly what you are going to say.
Sometimes the best way to say something,
Is to say nothing at all.
Nothing needs to be sai
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Happy Valentines Day - From Melody by rblagdon7888 Happy Valentines Day - From Melody :iconrblagdon7888:rblagdon7888 12 0 Pink Surprise (Animation) by TheMarquisOfDorks Pink Surprise (Animation) :iconthemarquisofdorks:TheMarquisOfDorks 29 7 rainbowdash by icewolf66 rainbowdash :iconicewolf66:icewolf66 8 13 GAME ON by cartoongirl7 GAME ON :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 120,546 13,005 Lucy in the sky graffiti by tintanaveia Lucy in the sky graffiti :icontintanaveia:tintanaveia 42,833 2,950 Soul Eater Doujinshi: Just Listen! - p.14 by nayght-tsuki Soul Eater Doujinshi: Just Listen! - p.14 :iconnayght-tsuki:nayght-tsuki 306 71 Soul Eater Doujinshi: Just Listen! - p.13 by nayght-tsuki Soul Eater Doujinshi: Just Listen! - p.13 :iconnayght-tsuki:nayght-tsuki 281 63





Rafael J.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Age - 15
Likes - Watching TV, Playing the PS3, and reading manga.
Dislikes - Eating healthy, overcoming to boredom.


Journal Entry: Sat Oct 13, 2012, 5:12 PM

hey guess, sorry if i hadn't been posting any drawings in a while, that because i've been really sown lately, not eating much, not drawing, not doing anything beside waking up, school, eating, watching tv, music, and sleeping. don't worry about it, I'll try to post something soon.

But besides all that I had a really good birthday. and i got a month of premium membership from Tim015!


well thats all i have to say, i think...

  • Listening to: Skrillex
  • Reading: Dork Dairies
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: [PROTOTYPE]
  • Eating: Sour Punch
  • Drinking: Soda


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